Summer Camp

5985561463_fcfe39bda1_oAnother side affect of being gifted is that I get very attached to people and place very quickly and for a longer amount of time. I went to summer camp for three weeks in July for three years. The last time I was there was three years ago. And yet, I still find myself staring at the ceiling above my bed letting the hole in my chest ache and beg to see my friends again. When I graduated from Middle School, I was the only going to the high school I go to now. I didn’t think about how much I’d miss the people I’ve grown up with. I still miss them now, especially since I only have one real friend at my high school. I’m still connected to everybody both camp, and middle school friends through Instagram, but that doesn’t make the hole in my chest hurt less. If anything it makes it hurt more because, the majority of them don’t follow me back, or like my posts. I’m still on the road of accepting the fact that I’ll always care for someone more than they care for me or miss someone more than they miss me, but I always wish that I could go back to Mountain Meadow, or Miller Creek, because there, I had a place where I belong, and people liked me, and I liked them back.


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