To the Gifted Person

maxresdefaultI’m gifted. That doesn’t mean that I’m good everything. Or that I like Science, and Math. In fact, I hate those classes. The post titled “What I Am” is a person’s definition of being gifted. Only 6-10% of the student population in the US is considered gifted (source). This makes it very lonely for these children, because no one is ever on the same page, on the same frequency. I want this gifted people to know that even though you may feel like you are the only gifted person in the world, you are not alone. I’m here for you, if you want to talk, vent, or just say hi, I will be here, because it’s a terrible feeling, not being able to have a best friend, or not liking movie theaters because the sound is too loud, or not liking extroverts, because it’s too much energy. I understand and there many other people feeling the same way. No matter how much you feel like it, you are not alone!


One thought on “To the Gifted Person

  1. Hi Katrina, I read through your blog and enjoyed all of your posts. The quotes and poem posted are eloquent and full of truth. Mostly, I learned how brave and mature you must be. In the post “To the Gifted Person” , I was happy to see you reach out to others who might be able to resonate with you. I am not gifted (that I know of :)) but it took me almost an entire life time to realize I wasn’t alone and be able to talk about and get help for my illness. Don’t ever stop being yourself.


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